Sweat-Free Shopping Guide

As I’ve stated earlier, it is difficult to tell if a company uses sweatshops or not.

So for my last post, I want to leave you all with a guide guaranteed shopping sweat-free.

The Center for a New American Dream, a non-profit organization that helps Americans consume responsibly to protect the environment, enhance quality of life, and promote social justice, has a great guide to ethical shopping that I highly recommend. Fair Indigo and Fair World Gallery are also great sources of sweat-free clothing line information.

According to the Center for a New American Dream, the follow clothing lines are completely sweat-free and environmentally-friendly:

Autonomie Project: Sweatshop free, eco-friendly sneakers, tees, and accessories. All AP products are certified Fair Trade and are made with organic cotton and natural rubber.

Good Humans: Sweatshop-free and organic clothing

The Green Loop: Organic and fair trade eco-fashion and personal care products. Sweatshop free, organic cotton clothing. Fair trade, organic, artisanal clothing.

Hae Now: Sweatshop-free, organic clothing.

Justice Clothing Company: Union-made and sweatshop-free apparel.

Lotus Organics: Sweatshop free, organic and natural fiber clothing.

NatureWear Organics: Organic and sweatshop-free clothing

No Sweat Apparel: 100% sweatshop free clothing. Sweatshop free clothing for all occasions, jeans, sneakers and accessories. Wide selection of organics. Organic clothing for all. Wear it for as long as you’d like and recycle it back in any condition for credits. Sweatshop free and organic cotton environmentally friendly screen printing for t-shirts. Organic, fair trade positive message t-shirts and hoodies.

See below or click here for a video about the importance of sweat-free apparel:


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