My Mission

Hi everyone! Thanks for reading!

A little about me… I am a PR student that loves and works in the fashion industry.  To learn more about my background, please read my first post: 

I am dedicated to shedding light on the ugly side of glamour: the fact that many clothing lines use sweatshops.  In this blog, my words are my weapons and I will use them to convince a multi-million dollar company, Forever 21, to manufacture clothing in a more humane manner, specifically regarding the use of sweatshops and copyright infringement violations.


3 responses to “My Mission

  1. Ashli

    I really like this topic. I think many people are unaware of the sweat shops, I really like your use of employee quotes because it makes it more realistic.

  2. Grachel

    I like all your posts and topics. I am an aspiring PR in the fashion industry and currently majoring in Fashion Merchandising. Before I started going to school I was unaware of all these issues that Forever 21 had. It’s nice that someone is shedding a light and making more consumers aware of these situations. Keep them post going!=)

  3. jjose lopez

    hello im a member of the garment worker center and at this time im doing an investigation about forever 21 please if you can contact me to my name is jose lopez

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